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Center for Strategic & International Studies

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John Hamre Commons

Art Installation: DaVinci Flying Man Orinthopter Installation. Features installation with our 5:1 Mechanical Advantage System & Mantis Building access with 1000# Capstan Hoist for lifting.

Conservation Services Contracting & Inspection, LLC- (CSCI)

Architectural Component Restoration

Since 1984 we have been working in the stone, glass, metal and wood restoration industry. Our staff is trained on restoring a variety of stone surfaces including; limestone, marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete, sand stone and other stone surfaces. This includes the removal of stains or the polishing of these surfaces to bring back the original color or shine. Whether it is interior lobby or atrium floors, walls or exterior surfaces of building facades. Metal, Glass and Wood are other areas of restoration that we provide on a number of Class 'A" properties. 

Routine Maintenance

We maintain glass and framing on very large scale properties. This includes ongoing window cleaning, restoration & protection including metal framework. Other services for routine work includes the same stone surfaces and polish of stone surfaces and promenade type decking. 

Building Facades

We provide painting, concrete and stucco repair, weather proofing including caulking, masonry re-pointing and color matching. We also provide a total exterior building cleaning which includes power washing and steam cleaning. Chemical cleaning is also part of these types of services with chemicals that are environmentally friendly. Copper staining, mold, mildew and other hard to remove stains that build up over time are no challenge.

Building Access

Our staff has STI certified trainers for scaffold safety and erection for building access, this includes hanging swing scaffold. All types of boom lift operation with hundreds of safe man hour experience. If you need to get to it we can. If you need your employees scaffold certified, we can do this for you as well.

Artwork Installation & Routine Maintenance

Our art installation & maintenance is performed with Conservators and Art Handlers. We have worked on some of the largest, high profile and most difficult art installations and maintenance projects. Our ability to provide building access with safety in mind has allowed us to become recognized in this area.