This article features the Dirksen & Hart United States Senate Office Buildings marble cleaning & restoration. The exterior of the Dirksen Senate Office Building is clad with white marble. Copper Staining of this marble under window ledges had turned the white marble blue from moisture run-off. We had to remove these copper stains with a copper poultice and clean the remainning exterior marble to remove various biological stains and other debris. The Hart Senate Office Building include an interior 9 story atrium clad with a gray marble tile that had not been cleaned since its opeing and was the first cleaning to take place since the anthrax scare months after 911.


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This article features high rise rigging for swing stages. We were asked to provide this article to the power washing industry as their initial training publication for power washing companies. This Guidebook covers a variety of aspects for this industry but our article only covers high rise rigging since we have an extensive background in this field. We have several STI Instructors as part of our staff and can instruct companies on scaffolding and rigging.

Cleaning Around an Elephant at the Smithsonian Institution

100 Year Old English Castle Limestone Cleaning  in Bermuda


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Leonardo Da Vinci Flying Man Installation

This article features the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History interior restoration of the rotunda limestone, marble & granite. This restoration was completed in 2000 and took approximately 3 months to complete. Indiana limestone was the majority of the stone that was cleaned & restored on the rotunda arches & columns from the first floor to the coffered arches above the 4th floor below the rotunda dome. This article was featured in the Cleaner Times trade magazine of that year.

We are confident that we are the only company in America that has restored an English Castle. This article features the Castle Harbour in Tuckerstown, Bermuda. We had to restore the exterior limestone of this 100+ year old castle that was dismantled in Teeside, England and then rebuilt in Bermuda as a convalescence hospital for WWII veterans. It later became a resort hotel. In 1990 - 2002 this castle went through a number of restoration projects while it was a Marriott Hotel. We had the fortune to do most of these restorations. This article covers the exterior limestone of the castle and hotel. We serviced many properties in Bermuda including; other resorts, banks, condominiums, government building & commercial properties.

​​High Rise Rigging

We have published on YouTube a video covering the installation of the Leonard DaVinci Flying Man Orinthopter. This was installed at the Center for Strategic & International Studies for the John Hamre Commons. We designed and installed this  without causing any major disruptions to the building or their daily operations and with a very small footprint during the installation. This was done fast and efficiently and will be part of our ongoing routine maintenance for this art work.

U.S. Senate Office Buildings Dirksen & Hart