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CSCI was started in 1982 in Houston, TX. by James & Thomas Donaghy. Our first contract was with Sonny Bono, of famed "Sonny & Cher", providing Property Management & Facility Maintenance of “Bono” Restaurant 5055 Woodway Dr. Houston, TX 77050. After meeting Sonny he asked us to provide full facility maintenance for his newest location of his several restaurants. The other locations were in Palm Springs & Los Angeles, California. Services that we provided included facility management, maintenance including all daily cleaning & light construction. Sonny went on to become a U.S. Congressman for the 44th District of California.

From there the business expanded to providing the same type of services to many restaurants across Houston, TX. Specialty Restaurants Corporation, Borel Restaurant Corporation, Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurants (85 location) and many other privately owned restaurants in the Harris County area. Also, at this time, we had contracts for a variety of maintenance and repairs with the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Houston, TX and the Marriott Corporation at several hotel locations around the city.

In 1984 we began working in the Baltimore/Washington DC areas and quickly acquired contracts with USF&G Insurance Company at their 35 story building at the heart of the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, (Currently the TransAmerica Building 100 Light Street), along with USF&G’s Commerce Exchange & Mt. Washington Complex. In that same year the Baltimore Washington International Airport contract was signed as a subcontract to provide glass cleaning & high cleaning including extensive exterior cleaning involving power washers & chemicals. We also worked on another of the Baltimore’s highest buildings at 1 Commerce Place, formerly the Alex Brown Building. We provided glass & exterior granite cleaning. We were commissioned to install the decorative roof lighting that tops this 405’ building. These are tubes filled with gas that are approximately 75’ on each corner of the hips that are covered in perforated gold leaf metal.

In 1990 the company began working for the Marriott Corporation once again in Bermuda. There we maintained the Castle Harbour Resort for Marriott providing, limestone cleaning & repair. This property was a limestone castle imported from Teeside England and converted into a convalescent hospital during WWII. It later became the Marriott Castle Harbour Resort. Since we did this restoration cleaning we are the only company in the US that has actually restored an English Castle. Our operations expanded to other hotels and buildings around the island to include the Southampton Princess, Sonesta Beach Resort, Hamilton Princess, Bank of Butterfield, Bank of Bermuda, Commercial Bank, Bermuda Government & St James Condominiums. This business ended in 2000 when a local Bermudian took over the operations.

Our limestone restoration cleaning was used once again at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) in 2000 where we restored the badly stained main rotunda of the NMNH and also the marble & granite. This restoration cleaning was primarily focused on the limestone coffered arches just below the rotunda cupola on the 4th floor including all levels to the main rotunda floor at the 1st level. All columns, pilasters, arches, egg & dart and other ornaments and carvings. Stains included residue from coal furnace, chewing gum, spills, pencil & ink markings and other various staining throughout the years. Granite bases on the first floor where tar had been left over and the marble floor stains under pedestals and corners. This was a 3 month undertaking and all work was done in the evenings since the museum was opened daily during these operations.

In 2001 we began working for the Architect of the Capitol and provided a variety of services at the US Capitol Building, The (3) US Senate Office Buildings and (3) US House of Representatives Office Buildings. These services included cleaning of interior & exterior marble & granite, glass cleaning of all buildings and the restoration of the Alexander Calder Sculpture in the Hart Senate office building. The restoration of the sculpture was done under the auspices of the Senate Art Curator Deborah Woods and under the direction of Conservator John Scott. This is the last sculpture of Alexander Calder and the largest on Capitol Hill.

In 2014 we restored the ½ acre of Ipe wood decking for Under Armour at their Global Headquarters in Baltimore, MD. We provide various services for Under Armour at their Global Headquarters.

Because of our unique background and many of the projects that we have performed, we now are being asked to provide many unique jobs.

In December 2015 we provided the art installation of the Leonardo DaVinci concept of the flying man. This object was de-installed at the Smithsonian Institution Air & Space Museum and we installed it at the Center for Strategic & International Studies in the John Hamre Commons on Rhode Island Avenue in Washington, DC

Our company background covers a multitude of high profile and Class “A” building projects that require ingenuity & experience to tackle such projects. We are confident that you will find our company a pleasure to work with and solve issues that you have in the areas described herein.

In 2017 we have begun operating in the Charleston, South Carolina area. This is headed up by Mr. Steve Hill of CSCI South Carolina. He can be reached at We will be offering the same services as described on this page and hope to bring to the Charleston area professional services in these fields that has been enjoyed in other parts of the US and abroad. You may call Steve personally at 843-800-2157.